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love and care


once my mother 

looked after me

now I look 

after her

here you’ll find our

story beginning

the day my


father died

a chance to reflect

on love and care

and to share



 ‘I love it! It’s beautifully written. I really like the voice – wry and intimate and self-scourging and tender…’


— Nicci Gerrard,  author of What Dementia Teaches us About Love (and other novels) 

 ‘Touching and funny…looking forward to more…’

Carers UK

‘Love the story weaving, journaling style…very relatable…’   

— Maud and Mum, blogger

 ‘A vital subject, a really strong voice and, hurrah, humour…absorbing listening…’    

— Caroline Raphael, BBC Radio 4’s former head of radio drama

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