yup, this is me…a little while ago now, though as you can see, the coy smile and slight air of bewilderment remain much the same…



I hope you’ve enjoyed listening and reading.

there’s time and space for your story, your experiences and your comments

I’d love to hear from you…

to make contact

the beauty of this medium is that it’s a two way street we’re walking, you and me


it would be good to hear from you and the form is there for just that purpose


if it looks a little impersonal, it works a treat and I’m waiting at the other end for comments, ideas and stories

so please, go ahead, no marketing or other entreaties will follow from me, scout’s honour

love and care really is a labour of love…pretty much everything you see, hear or read, from words to audio production to photos is by me and put together in a hut in the back garden of the bungalow we share with our mum, until that is, my publisher, Octopus Endeavour, came along…which is marvellous

because what we have to say about care can change minds and lives…

about love, maybe not so much…I fear love will always be a little tricky to negotiate, but it makes for great stories