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yup, this is me…a little while ago now, though as you can see, the curiosity and slight air of bewilderment remain much the same…

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening and reading.

there’s time and space for your story, your experiences and your comments

I’d love to hear from you…

                                                                               ways to make contact

the beauty of this medium is that it’s a two way street we’re walking, you and me


it would be good to hear from you and the form is there for just that purpose, though I’ve temporarily disabled the email forwarding because of bots, but it will be back soon


if it looks a little impersonal, it works a treat and I’m waiting at the other end for comments, ideas and stories

so please, go ahead, no marketing or other entreaties will follow from me, scout’s honour

love and care really is a labour of love…pretty much everything you see, hear or read, from words to audio production to photos is by me and put together in a hut in the back garden of the bungalow we share with our mum

my sister and I take care of her together now, and because it’s 24/7 working for money is difficult and resources are tight

which is why I hope to attract your support,  so I can crack on with season two and so we can keep the content free and accessible at the point of delivery

because what we have to say about care can change minds and lives…

about love, maybe not so much…I fear love will always be a little tricky to negotiate, but it makes for great stories

ways to show your support


sometimes it’s cool just to make a one-off quick and dirty donation…I know I prefer that to signing up to stuff, but I’m old and analogue… 

if that’s you too, click on the donate button, or the wine...whatever you can afford or think appropriate...I’ll be thanking you just the same for dimes or dollars, pennies or pounds through here

the patreon site, built on that terribly old-fashioned idea of patronage, is one way to show appreciation


 don’t feel comfortable with rewards and all that jazz and I won’t put up barriers to those who want to listen and either can’t or won’t pay to do so…life’s too short…

it's a live button...just click

…but for those of you who’d like to make a regular one dollar payment, adding up to twelve dollars a year if my calculation is correct, every little helps…more helps even more, so there’s a five dollar choice too…there’s even a video to see!

just click on the screen shot of the patreon page

thank you, again!