care info

who cares for the carers?


our societies are ageing, our young people cannot expect lifestyles, jobs, home ownership, pensions, like our own 

and yet we’re dumping the burden of our care on them

without a plan and without resources

me2mama is deliberately lighthearted but with serious intent; 

to draw attention to these challenges, to find solutions where possible

and raise hell where necessary

I’m working on this page right now to frame arguments and experiences with regard to care that will become, I hope, a manifesto for change 

…please bear with me, I really want to get this right 

meanwhile, some resources and a little light reading

Doctor Atul Gawande interview in Der Spiegel regarding end of life care…his book, Being Mortal and what Matters in the End is a manifesto in itself, dealing with care and dying in a sensitive and revolutionary way…

The Guardian review is clickable through the image

I’m hugely interested in new ways of living with dementia and here is one example of forward thinking, as so often from the Danes, for whom it seems the well being of society as a whole is a priority…click on the image for more

you’ll find all the facts and figures with regard to the provision of care in this report, much of which makes for shocking reading

most of the stories we read in the media about care and later life are disturbing and alarming, often I’m afraid, with good reason

a snapshot of the population of the UK with regard to later life…if you’re in your fifties or sixties, sit down before reading, or sell up and leave the country

if you have ideas you’d like to share, if you have experience of best practice around the world or from other times and places in history, please get in touch…use the contact form

 we must call on the best of radical new thinking and best practices of traditional attitudes to later life much of which has been swept away by our relentless fetishising of youth and by the ravages of unbridled markets and fiscal inequality

things can be changed