‘I was living in the south of France, where the skies are blue nine months of the year and the ice-cold rosé is best drunk in the shade. 

I’d gone away to write a book. I was no longer young, but for the first time in a long time, I was free, and single, and still searching for love. 

Until, one sunny day in November, I got a call to say my father was dying.


My mother was in a care home. I had to make a choice. I could leave her there. Or I could give up my life in France to become her carer.


I love my mother, but I didn’t want to become a martyr or a monk.


So, as I prepare to bring her home to the house she once shared with my father, I fill in the online dating profile…


…and then I wait


may 20 2021

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I have worked as a journalist on local papers and in local radio, made social action and documentary programmes for television, and produced for film, including a role for Illuminations on the Emmy award-winning performance film, Gloriana.


But that is not all.


I have also worked as a paella chef, a hot air balloon recovery chap, a painter and decorator, and a teacher of psychology. 


But I am chiefly a dad. 


Love and Care is my first published book, though the drawers of my desk hide others.


a parallel universe of love and care  

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